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MindFire Renewed

The award-winning, decade old Mind Fire journal of the literary arts
has returned in an expanded quarterly edition. It now features
international editors from every continent with work in English and
original languages.

MindFire Renewed covers all things concerning the literary arts: poetry,
  fiction, nonfiction, criticism, reviews, art, photography, etc.

Full submission guidelines:

Mind Fire submissions open year around.

As always, we are searching for new, eclectic, experimental works of
  Given the expanded format, we are especially interested in academic
  submissions of creative nonfiction, articles, essays, and reviews of
works in all
  areas. Especially interested in groundbreaking literary and historical
  or areas of history, anthropology, science, philosophy, art, etc. that
deal with literary realms in society or the rise and definition of
civilization (eg, how did the World Wars and the end of imperial
colonialism impact styles and subjects in world literature?).
Intersections fascinate. Beyond the norm, MindFire is also about
fusions, experimentation, boundary breaking explorations, and the
creation of the new. We're curious to see how issues may be approached
in new or unique ways; how different discplines and sciences may be
combined for new critical theories of revelation; how modern and
ancient texts may be reinterpretted or evaluated to predict future
literary trends; how these trends via the prism of today's technologies
can forecast future literature; how different media (TV, film, radio,
Web) are impacting traditional writing techniques, content, styles,
etc. Subject possibilities are endless. Query with a proposal if you
think your research is outside the bounds.

General literary criticism and review also welcome. Scholars at all
  are invited to participate, as we welcome those inside and outside
  newly published or famously and career published. We are seeking an
expansive dialogue on creativity, or as we say it, the fire of the
mind. Also looking for foreign language works and translations (there
are specific language editors, such as Russian, Spanish, Portugeuse,
Norwegian, Arabic, etc., and regional editors such as Africa, Oceania,
Eastern Europe; However all translations considered must be
accompanied by original language version) or work on the art/problems
of translating.

Any style or subject welcome. Maximum submission length (strictly not
  enforced) is 20,000 words. Art/photographic works and word-image
fusions considered case by case.

One note: Due to Saul Bellow's recent passing we are looking for
articles, essays, reviews, poetry, etc., on/inspired by the author for
a special memorial issue this summer.

Thank you for your time and attention.


Thomas Fortenberry, owner
Mind Fire

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