CFP: The Cultural History of Reading: World Literature (7/10/05; collection)

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Gabrielle Watling
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Contributors Sought
Project Overview
The Cultural History of Reading (forthcoming from Greenwood Press, 2007)
examines written documents (books, pamphlets, treatises, plays, poems,
essays etc.) that shaped, and were shaped by, crucial cultural events
throughout the world and in the United States.

This is a two volume set. Volume I focuses on World Literature and is
organized by region. Volume II centers specifically on American
literature and is organized by time period. Each volume explores the
relationship between the historical moments that shaped a nation or
region, and the texts that challenged, incited, enforced, or subverted
those events. A list of recent references and other sources will also
be included.

Contributors wanted .
The Editor seeks contributors to write subsections in the following
chapters for the World Literature volume:

    1.. Africa and the Middle East (subsections: The pre-Mohammedan
period; The rise of Islam; The Ottoman Empire; The modern "Middle East";
The creation of Israel, Pre-Colonial Africa; Post-Colonial Africa)

    2.. Asia and the Pacific (subsections: China; Japan; South East
Asia; The South Pacific and Melanesia)

    3.. South Asia and the Indian Sub-Continent - India, Pakistan,
Bangladesh, Sri Lanka (subsections: The classical period; European
arrival; The Colonial period; Independence; The Contemporary period)

    4.. Diasporic Literatures (subsections: The Jewish diaspora; The
Asian diasporas; The Islamic diasporas; The African diasporas; The Latin
American diasporas; The Russian and Eastern European diasporas)

Chapters will be approximately 100-125 pages and include: 1) a timeline
of important cultural events; 2) an introduction to the region or
nations. Subsections will focus on the texts that generated/were
generated by moments of cultural change or periods of distinct cultural,
political, ideological, religious or social consolidation. Individual
entries will contain information about the specific texts that
characterized the era, including author(s), date of first appearance or
publication, overview of content; and discussion of cultural

For more information contact Dr. Gabrielle Watling, Editor
at by July 10, 2005.

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