UPDATE: Queer Theatre in Britain: American Influences (no deadline noted; collection)

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Further to the call for chapters (pasted below) we now need critics to
undertake to write chapters on the influence of American theatre on British
queer theatre. Topics to be covered
Split Britches; Angels in America etc; Cafe la Mama
Please contact me as below=E2=80=A6=20
(previous call)
Alternatives Within the Mainstream II: Queer Theatre in Postwar Britain
Critics are invited to write chapters for a critical study of contemporary
British post-war queer theatre. The focus is on bi, trans, gay, lesbian
identities as represented on the British stage. Keeping in mind that queer
identities are fluid and always in a state of flux, defying definitions
and binary oppositions, articles are invited which examine these
identities as represented in British drama since 1950.
A few of the topics we will cover:
Lesbian theatre
Black lesbian theatre [Black in this anthology includes Asian]
Gay theatre
Black gay theatre
Transexuals, transvestites and other identities represented in British
And more=E2=80=A6.
Individual chapters on dramatists, gay and lesbian theatre companies are
planned. A historical trajectory of gay, lesbian and theatres of other
sexualities is invited.
Each chapter will be 6000-8000 words in length. Please send a proposal of
500 words with your biographical details.

Dr. Dimple Godiwala-McGowan, DPhil (Oxford)
Senior Lecturer
School of Arts
York St John College (University of Leeds)
_DimpleGodiwala_at_aol.com_ (mailto:DimpleGodiwala_at_aol.com)

Dimple Godiwala is the author of Breaking the Bounds: British Feminist
Dramatists Writing in the Mainstream since c. 1980, New York & Oxford: Peter Lang,
2003; and Queer Mythologies: The Original Stageplays of Pam Gems, Intellect,
2006. Her critical anthology Alternatives Within the Mainstream: British
Black and Asian Theatre will go to press in summer 2005 (Cambridge Scholars

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