CFP: Left Bank Review: Berlin: Modernism, the Weimar Republic/Reichskulturkamme (8/1/05 & 11/30/05; online journal issue)

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DiTallo, Paula
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Call for Papers : Berlin: Modernism & the Weimar Republic

4th Quarter, 2005 full submission deadline: August 1, 2005
(Berlin: Modernism & the Weimar Republic)

1st Quarter, 2006 full submission deadline: November 30, 2005
(Berlin: Modernism under the Reich Chamber of Culture)

The Left Bank Review (LBR) is an online journal dedicated to the study and
discussion of Modernism from 1900-1939. The journal's focus is on the
expatriate community in Paris during this time, however, has a vested
interest in exploring every aspect of Modernism's world-wide cultural,
philosophical and political past. The LBR is particularly interested in
receiving papers from scholars/writers who examine Modernism's influence in
today's literature, art, cinema, politics and philosophy. Our journal's
purpose is to provide further opportunities to expand the intellectual
understanding of this era to scholars and non-scholars alike.

In previous editions, the LBR has explored the small presses (e.g. The Dial,
The Adelphi, etc.) , the Harlem Renaissance, the Belle Epoch and feminist
exile. Over the next two editions, the LBR will examine the events and
circumstances surrounding Berlin from 1900-1939.

Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

I. Weimar Repulic (1920's) - 4th Quarter, 2005 Edition
-- Berlin's weekly journal: Die Weltbuhne
-- British arrival/perspectives of W.H. Auden & Christopher Isherwood
-- Magnus Hirschfeld's revolutionary Health & Sexuality Institute
-- The Cinema of Fritz Lang
-- The Music of Kurt Weill and Ernst Krenek
-- Literary Reviews of the works of Bertolt Brecht, Kurt Tucholsky, Alfred
Doblin, Erich Weinert, Wlather Mehring, Stephen Zweig, Erich Kastner
-- The Promotion of the Arts in Berlin via Max Liebermann
-- Profiles and Reviews of the works of George Grosz, Otto Dix, Max
Pechstein, Ernst Barlach, Oskar Kokoschka

II. Reich Chamber of Culture (1930's) - 1st Quarter, 2006 Edition
--The State controlled theaters: Volksbuhne (Karlheinz Martin), Deutsche
Oper, Schauspielhaus (Gustav Grundgens), Schiller-Theater (Heinrich Geroge)
--Cabaret closures/forced changes of content for Tingel-Tangel Cabaret,
Catacombs Cabaret, etc.
--Propaganda Cinema: Leni Riefenstahl
--Die Weltbuhne: The murder of Erich Muhsam
--Blut-und-Boden writers: Hans Friedrich Blunck, Erwin Guido Volbenheyer,
Isolde Kurz, Agnes Miegel, Hanns Johst
--The Reichskulturkamme and the "inner emigration" writers: Hans Fallada,
Gottfried Benn, Ernst Junger

The LBR seeks to maintain a high standard of quality as well as readability.
Given the inherently interdisciplinary nature of the journal, please
present your thoughts in a way that is open to readers not involved in your
field. Essays/Reviews/Profiles, then, should be written in clear English in
a style
accessible to the broadest possible audience.

Submission Procedure: You must query first. Before submitting an article
for the LBR, please email the managing editors (
or ) a 150-word abstract of the piece
in the body of your email. Include a three- to four-sentence biography in
the same email.

For full details, consult the "Submissions" page:

Please send queries or questions to the Managing Editors: Paula DiTallo or Margaret Pomeroy .

Paula DiTallo - Publisher/Editor
Left Bank Humanities Foundation (LBHF)
The Left Bank Review/Echo Journal
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