CFP: The "Woman Author" Function (9/15/05; NEMLA, 3/2/06-3/5/06)

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Stephanie Harzewski

37th Annual Northeast Modern Language Association Convention
2-5 March 2006, Philadelphia

The "Woman Author" Function:
Twentieth-Century Anglophone Women Prose Writers and Their Cultural Formation

In his essay "What Is an Author?" (1970), Michel Foucault uses the term
"author function" to argue that authorship exceeds the simple attribution
of a discourse to its creator. In this spirit, the panel "The 'Woman
Author' Function" seeks to examine the historical reception of
twentieth-century Anglophone women prose writers. For instance, how have
aspects of these writers been emphasized to advance or heighten various
social, theoretical, and national moments? How have authors themselves
constructed a persona for professional development, media publicity, or a
cult following? How do both authors' self-fashioning and critics'
(sometimes erroneous) literary readings lend an optic into stylistic
values, gender politics, and nationalism? Papers may concentrate on a
single author or focus on discourses about women writers grouped
collectively, e.g. "chick lit" novelists. Please send proposals of 250
words and a brief author profile by September 15 to Stephanie Harzewski at

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