CFP: Interculturality & Translation, vol. 2 (11/30/05; journal issue)

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Imelda Martín-Junquera
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     I & T is a scholarly journal that seeks to foreground issues and
enhance intellectual dialogue on culture and translation in
comparatives studies. I & T seeks to promote articulations at the
intersections of comparative literature and translation studies. In
focusing on these two disciplines, I & T aims to foster the study of
the historical development of cultural comparatism and translation as
processes and as fields of study, their respective methodological
approaches, discursive convergences, and symbiotic pedagogies. I & T
relations, influences, confluences, counterpoints, accommodations,
and revisions, as well as interrogation of how comparative literary
studies implicate translational processes, intentional or otherwise.

    I & T also publishes studies that examine the ways in which literature
absorbs and processes literary multilingualism, cultural dialogisms,
discursive polyglossia, and modes of transculturation. In this regard,
I & T invites studies that deal with the importation and/or
exportation of literary models through translation, and the
transformation of national literary discourses through intercultural
dialogues made possible by translation and transculturation make
possible. The focus of such studies could be local, regional,
national, transnational, or global. Manuscripts may deal with
particular case studies, theoretical issues, methodological
approaches, or review current scholarship in aspects of comparatism
and translation

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Dra. Imelda Martín-Junquera
Departamento de Filología Moderna
Universidad de León
Campus de Vegazana s/n
24071 León ( Spain)
Tlf: +34 987 291079
Fax: +34 987 291099

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