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Joel Faflak
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CALL FOR PAPERS for a special issue of English Studies in Canada on the
topic of GUILT, to appear in 2006. Melanie Klein argued that guilt is
constituted at the meeting point between powerful, often conflicting
impulses: love and reparation on one hand, hate, greed, and aggression on
the other. Guilt, that is, is the product of and in turn produces both
conciliation and violence, well-being and shame. What does it mean to be
guilty or to feel guilt, as individuals and as collectives (societies,
gangs, communities, corporations, nations, etc.)? How is guilt experienced
psychologically? historically? politically? culturally? sexually?
economically? Papers are invited that examine guilt from a wide variety of
theoretical and critical perspectives, and across a variety of disciplines
including, but not limited to, literature and literary studies. Indeed,
papers that adopt an interdisciplinary approach are especially welcome. All
topics are welcome, but possible topics might include: guilt and
psychoanalysis; guilt, aggression, and reparation; guilt, suspicion, and
paranoia; guilt, innocence, and the law; the affect of guilt; survivor
guilt; guilt, nationality, and nationhood; guilt, globalization, and global
consciousness; shame, trauma, and history; guilt and inferiority; the
inferiority complex of Canadian identity; Western guilt; capitalism and its
guilty excesses; ethnicity and ethnic guilt; guilt and the pornographic;
guilt and the pornography of the visible/visual.
Please send full papers (5,000-6,000 words, including apparatus, in MLA
format) by 30 NOVEMBER 2005 to Dr. Joel Faflak at Questions
about possible topics and approaches are welcome. Papers will be vetted and
selected for a final submission date of March 1, 2006.

Dr. Joel Faflak
UC 60, Department of English
University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario N6A 3K7
Phone: (519) 661 2111 Ext. 87461
Fax: (519) 661 3776

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