CFP: Dreaming, Imagination, and Non-Discursive Rhetoric (8/15/05; RSA, 5/26/06-5/29/06)

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Joddy Murray
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Dreaming, Imagination, and Non-Discursive Rhetoric
Rhetoric Society of America Biennial Conference
May 26-29, 2006
Memphis, Tennessee

The imagination, according to Aristotle, provides the same kind of sensory
information to our consciousness during dreaming as our actual senses
provide to our consciousness during wakeful periods (459a1 15-22). If it is
the case that our knowledge-making derives from sense-perception, then it
must also be the case that the texts we imagine during the dream state are
also capable of producing knowledge. But what is this knowledge? And what
kind of text is this?

This panel invites papers/multimodal presentations that explore dream
rhetorics, both in how these image-based texts may be non-discursive,
as well as how dreams themselves persuade and influence our lives. Other
than just discussing the newest in neurological research being done on the
purpose of dreaming (or, ultimately, interpretations of dreams themselves),
this panel will look at the way dreams function as text: what relationships
there may be between the dream image and non-discursive language, the role
(and connections between) the imagination and dreams, and, perhaps more
broadly, the way in which the perseverance (or echo) of a dream may guide
rhetorical practice.

Send 250-300 word abstracts by August 15th, 2005, to Joddy Murray at or via snail mail:

Joddy Murray, PhD
Assistant Professor
Digital Technology & Culture
Department of English
Washington State University, Tri-Cities
Richland, WA 99354

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