CFP: Mid-America Theatre Conference Theatre History Symposium (11/15/05; MATC, 3/2/06-3/5/06)

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Magelssen, Scott

Querying Difference in Theatre History
Theatre History Symposium
2006 Mid-America Theatre Conference
Allerton-Crowne Plaza Hotel, Chicago
March 2-5, 2006

The Theatre History Symposium of the Mid-America Theatre Conference seeks
conference-length papers that examine constructions and contestations of
difference in the history of theatre and performance. To "query" implies
both an expression of doubt as well as a question-that is, an opening for
critical dialogue that generates new knowledge as often as it responds to
received knowledges. We therefore invite proposals that move beyond the
repetition of received categories of difference in theatre history and
instead probe the boundaries and intersections of seemingly disparate
identity formations. We also encourage papers that incorporate discursive
modes that challenge traditional notions of the archive and the text, to
give voice to the lived pasts of historically disenfranchised groups and
individuals whose pasts have often gone unrecorded in academic spaces.
Please note that while "difference" may immediately conjure issues of race,
ethnicity, gender, and/or sexuality, we will welcome proposals that examine
differences more broadly construed: nationalisms, economic gradations, and
so forth.

Papers might address one or more of the following issues, though proposals
are not limited to these categories:
        * Emerging critiques of "multiculturalism" and alternative
discourses ("trans-" or "interculturalism")
        * Questions of theatre and "otherness"
        * Indigenous theatre and performance
        * Contact and border zones
        * Historic dilemmas in the practice of theatre (e.g.,
"color-blind" vs. race-specific casting)
        * Postcolonial and decolonial representations of racial/ethnic
identity, national identity, etc.
        * Historiographic methods for researching and writing about
historically disenfranchised groups and/or individuals.
        * Case-studies and analyses of performance of difference
        * Issues of difference and theatre in the American Midwest.

Abstracts must be received by November 15, 2005. Please limit abstracts to
250 words. Proposals for research groups and full panels (of three related
papers) are also welcome. Contact Co-Chairs for details.

Robert A. Schanke Research Award: Prospective presenters who are interested
in entering the competition for the Robert A. Schanke Research Award should
indicate this on their abstract. The Robert A. Schanke Research Award is
given annually to an untenured faculty presenter of the Theatre History
Symposium and carries a cash award as well as subsequent publication of the
paper in Theatre History Studies, the journal of the Mid-America Theatre

Email Abstracts as Word documents to both Theatre History Symposium
co-chairs at the addresses below:

Ann Haugo
Illinois State University

Scott Magelssen
Augustana College

PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR NAME, TITLE (identifying whether you are faculty,
student, or independent scholar) and ACADEMIC AFFILIATION with your

Works-in-progress workshops

This year the Theatre History Symposium is pleased to offer two workshops
for scholars with works in progress-one workshop for those with an article
in progress and one workshop for those with a monograph in progress. If
you have a monograph or article you are preparing to submit for publication
and would like critical feedback and advice from your peers as well as a
journal or series editor, please prepare a timeline for completion and one
of the following:
        a. For the article workshop: a one-page abstract of the work
in progress
        b. For the monograph (book-length) workshop: a draft of a
publication proposal. (Follow the proposal guidelines for the press of your
choice, or e-mail the symposium chairs for more information.)
Essays for this workshop will be selected based on overall clarity of the
project and time limitations for the conference itself. Send proposals to
both co-chairs at the addresses above. Submissions due November 15, 2005.

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