CFP: Reported Narrative Nonfiction (8/15/05 & 2/15/06; journal issue)

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Terry Lee
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For the newly merged magazine-format journal _DoubleTake/Points of
Entry_, Fall 2005 and Spring 2006 issues, the editors are interested in
reported nonfiction (a.k.a., literary journalism, creative nonfiction,
literature of fact, literature of reality, magazine feature) that
present compelling, insightful stories that open windows onto the human
experience and act as catalysts for community-service efforts. We are
interested in reported narrative that works to present many points of
entry into human experience, encouraging a kind of serious, patient
consideration of the perspectives, visions, and concerns of others. In
the words of Robert Coles, the work we publish "pays the closest
attention to anything and everything that is part of the life we are
attempting to get to know" (_Doing Documentary Work_). Each issue offers
"a suggestive or organizing principle, a manner of looking at things, a
gesture of interpretation, of coherence."

The magazine-format publication _DoubleTake/Points of Entry_ is a
bi-annual and premieres in Fall 2005. It has the look and feel of the
old _DoubleTake_ magazine (1995-2003)—full color, matte paper—but is a
journal now merged with _Points of Entry: Cross-Currents in
Storytelling_(2003-2005), and is housed at Christopher Newport
University, Newport News, which is part of the state university system
in Virginia. The journal is co-edited by Robert Coles, Terry Lee
( and Roberta Rosenberg (
Reported narratives can be brief, but generally should not be longer
than 5,000 words. Submissions may be sent as e-mail attachments in
MSWord to, or mailed in hard copy to
Editors, DoubleTake/Points of Entry, Department of English, Christopher
Newport University, 1 University Place, Newport News, VA 23606. Please
include a brief bio and brief summary of the reported narrative.

For further information on _DoubleTake/Points of Entry_, please visit Queries may be directed to co-editors:

Terry Lee, Associate Professor of English / Journalism
Roberta Rosenberg, Professor of English
Department of English
Christopher Newport University
1 University Place
Newport News, VA 23606

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