CFP: Online Symposium on Theory's Empire (7/12/05; weblog)

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A. Cephalous
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The Valve ( is a literary weblog dedicated to the
proposition that the function of the little magazine can follow this form.
Beginning July 12th, the contributors to the Valve and a number of prominent
scholars--including Michael Berube, Gerald Graff, Scott McLemee, &c.--will
be discussing Daphne Patai and Will H. Corral's recently published Theory's
Empire: An Anthology of Dissent. This is the first of many planned online
colloquia concerning recently published works of interest to literary and
cultural scholars. Thinkers of all theoretical stripes are welcome to
attend and encouraged to participate in the ongoing conversation. A brief
description of the anthology and a link to its table of contents can be
found below.

Theory's Empire: An Anthology of Dissent

Not too long ago, literary theorists were writing about the death of the
novel and the death of the author; today many are talking about the death of
Theory. Theory, as the many theoretical ism's (among them postcolonialism,
postmodernism, and New Historicism) are now known, once seemed so exciting
but has become ossified and insular. This iconoclastic collection is an
excellent companion to current anthologies of literary theory, which have
embraced an uncritical stance toward Theory and its practitioners. Written
by nearly fifty prominent scholars, the essays in /Theory's Empire/ question
the ideas, catchphrases, and excesses that have let Theory congeal into a
predictable orthodoxy. More than just a critique, however, this collection
provides readers with effective tools to redeem the study of literature,
restore reason to our intellectual life, and redefine the role and place of
Theory in the academy.

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