CFP: Robert Graves and the Art of Collaboration (Spain) (1/31/06; RG Society and Trust; 7/4/06-7/8/06)

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Patrick Villa
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Seventh International Robert Graves Conference, Mallorca=20

Tuesday 4th July - Saturday 8th July 2006=20

'Robert Graves and the Art of Collaboration'=20

The Robert Graves Society is pleased to announce that the Seventh Internatio=
nal Robert Graves Conference, organised by the Robert Graves Society and the=
 St John's College Robert Graves Trust, will be held in Palma and Dei=E0, Ma=
llorca, Spain, 4th July - 8th July, 2006.=20

By courtesy of the la Caixa Foundation, the conference will be held at the F=
oundation's building in Palma, which was formerly the Gran Hotel, where Robe=
rt Graves and Laura Riding stayed in 1929 on their arrival in Palma. A highl=
ight of the conference will be a private visit to Canellun, Robert Graves's=20=
house in Dei=E0, which is being meticulously restored under the direction of=
 William Graves and will just have been opened as a museum.=20

The aim of this conference is to explore the phenomenon of creative collabor=
ation, through some of the many remarkable instances which Robert Graves's w=
ork provides. While his partnership with Laura Riding is undoubtedly the mos=
t celebrated - and controversial - of these, Graves formed numerous other im=
portant artistic and intellectual alliances. His collaborators included Sieg=
fried Sassoon (early poetry), Nancy Nicholson (Treasure Box), William Nichol=
son (The Owl), T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence and the Arabs), Basanta Mallik (Mock=
 Beggar Hall), Frank Richards (Old Soldiers Never Die), Alan Hodge (The Long=
 Week-End, The Reader Over Your Shoulder), his secretary Karl Gay (prose wor=
ks), Lynette Roberts (The White Goddess), Joshua Podro (The Nazarene Gospel=20=
Restored, Jesus in Rome), Beryl Graves (The Infant with the Globe), James Me=
tcalf (Adam's Rib), Janet de Glanville (The Greek Myths), Edward Ardizzone (=
The Penny Fiddle, Ann at Highwood Hall), Raphael Patai (The Hebrew Myths), P=
aul Hogarth (Majorca Observed), Idries Shah and Omar Ali-Shah (The Sufis, Th=
e Rubaiyyat of Omar Khayaam). Then there were others whom he consulted: soli=
citors, stamp collectors, archaeologists, linguists, classicists . . . All,=20=
in their diverse ways, were directly involved with Graves in producing a sig=
nificant proportion of his 140 books of poetry, fiction, biography, criticis=
m, anthropology, social history, mythology, Biblical studies, translation, a=
nd children's books.=20

During the conference, Graves specialists and scholars from a range of disci=
plines will be discussing how these relationships illuminate particular face=
ts of Graves's genius.=20

Call for Papers=20

Proposals are invited for 20-minute papers on aspects of literary, artistic=20=
and intellectual collaboration concerning Robert Graves and his contemporari=
es. Please send a 250 word abstract by 31 January 2006 to the Academic Progr=
amme Organiser:=20

Dunstan Ward=20
President, Robert Graves Society=20
University of London Institute in Paris=20
75340 Paris Cedex 07=20

with a copy by e-mail to both of the Conference Organisers:=20

Lucia Graves=20
Vice-President, Robert Graves Society=20


Patrick Villa=20
Secretary/Treasurer, Robert Graves Society=20


The conference is open to all. It will be of interest to academics, teachers=
, research students, and anyone who is interested in the life and writings o=
f Robert Graves and his circle.=20

To register or propose a paper for the conference online, with the option to=
 pay for registration via PayPal, please click here.=20

Dunstan Ward=20
President, Robert Graves Society=20
University of London Institute in Paris

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