CFP: Video Game Essays (8/15/05; collection)

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Stumpo, Jeffrey D
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1337: Essays on Video Game Culture Inside and Outside the Box
The editor seeks essays on video game culture, both within the contexts of
games themselves and in the "real" world, for a proposed collection.
Potential topics include:

-Linguistics (with an emphasis on d00dsp34k and/or txt or aim style chat)

-Gender construction within RPGs (e.g. males playing as female characters
and vice versa)

-Gender interaction within games and in the real world (e.g. E3 using "Booth

-Economics within games (e.g. crafting systems) and without (e.g. Diablo
II items for sale on Ebay)

-Race and Ethnicity within games (e.g. archetypal representations of elves,
dwarves, etc) and without (e.g. antagonism between West and East [Korea,
Japan] in strategic warfare games)

Related topics are welcome.

Essays may be previously published in journals, but the author should make
sure s/he has clearance to reprint the essay. Essays with scholarly
apparatus are preferred, but the editor will consider professionally
written work that does not adhere to a scholarly format.

Send a 300 word abstract in Microsoft Word (.doc) format to editor JeFF
Stumpo at by August 15, 2005.

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