CFP: Anglo-Saxon Human Form (9/15/05; Kalamazoo, 5/4/06-5/7/06)

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Bruce Gilchrist
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International Medieval Congress
[Kalamazoo] 2006 Special Session:

"Anglo-Saxon Representation of the Human Form"

We solicit papers which will discuss the
representation of the human form in the literature and
culture of Anglo-Saxon England. Papers which speak to
notions of 'form,' to the depiction and description
of the human shape, or to the conceptualization of
the human body *as* form in philosophy, art, history,
theology, book illumination, science and medicine,
literature, and word studies ('hiw', 'ansyne', etc.)
are particularly welcome. Proposals should treat the
topic with some measure of freedom even as we wish to
keep 'form' as a category distinct from 'body' as
such. Discussion of the comparative form of 'humans'
and, for example, 'angels', or of metaphysical
states such as incarnation or
resurrection, are also welcome.

Session Organizers:

Bruce Gilchrist (Université Laval, Québec)
Johanna Kramer (Cornell; Univ. Missouri-Columbia)

Contact Information (by Sept. 15, 2005)

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Bruce Gilchrist
Dépt. des Littératures
Faculté des Lettres
Pavillion Charles-de-Koninck
Cité Universitaire, Québec, Canada
G1K 7P4

fax (418) 656-2991
home phone (514) 457-8871

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