CFP: Cinema and Cultural Geography (8/10/05; SCMS, 3/2/06-3/5/06)

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Amy Corbin
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Cinema and Cultural Geography


We are seeking papers which explore the relationship between film/video =
constructions of place for a panel to be held at the 2006 Society for =
and Media Studies conference in Vancouver, British Columbia. There is =
potential for cinema and media studies to address the way in which =
moving pictures creates a simulated spatial relationship between the
spectator and the cinematic cultural landscape (both the physical place =
its inhabitants). This relationship can then have great impact on =
perceptions of places, leading to feelings of social/cultural otherness =
to a sense of solidarity, either within a country or across national
borders. Key questions include: how do moving pictures create =
of proximity and/or distance for the spectator? How are representations =
place (city, small town, wilderness, etc.) distilled into certain
iconographic images? How do dialectics of mobility and stasis generate
emotional or impressionistic responses (fear, exoticism, familiarity) to
cinematic places? How do the discourses of narrative and documentary
filmmaking (for example, identification with fictional characters, =
voices of
authority in documentary) affect the relationship between spectator and
place? Papers which consider these or other related questions, along =
some analysis of specific works, are most welcome.


Please send a 1 page proposal along with a brief bio to Amy Corbin at and Fiona Jeffries at by August 10.

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