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Literature Film Quarterly

Literature/Film Quarterly, the longest-standing publication devoted to
adaptation studies, is soliciting essays on any topic related to film
adaptaions. Topics include, but are not limited to, Explorations of
the wide-ranging intertextuality of literature and film;Locating
specific texts and adaptations of them within their own cultural
moment;Analysis of why, how, and to what effect particular texts are
adapted, made new, or remade;Analysis of the intersection,
inter-illumination, and collision of different media.Articles on
individual movies, on different cinematic adaptations of a single
literary work, on a director's style of adaptation, on the "cinematic"
qualities of authors or works, on the reciprocal influences between film
and literature, on authors' attitudes toward film and film adaptations,
on the role of the screenwriter, and on teaching of film;Interviews with
directors, screenwriters, literary figures;Reviews of current film
adaptations of literary works;Reviews of books concerning film and the
relationship between film and literature; andResponses to any of the
articles and reviews.Articles should ordinarily be limited to 3,500
words; reviews to 1,500. The new MLA style must be followed for
documenting sources and listing them in Works Cited. If possible,
supply stills or frame enlargements of the films discussed. Enclose two
printed copies of the manuscript, an additional copy on a CD (with
manuscript saved as text file in opne of these versions: Microsoft Word
98 or 2000), and a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Send manuscripts
to the editor, Literature/Film Quarterly, Salisbury University,
Salisbury, Maryland 21801-6860. Email any questions or concerns to

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