CFP: Representations of Bisexuality in the Media (12/31/05; journal issue and book)

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Keith Dorwick
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Looking Both Ways:
Bisexuality and the Media
A Special Double Issue of the Journal of Bisexuality

Guest Editors:
Dr. Keith Dorwick, The University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Dr. Jonathan Alexander, The University of Cincinnati

Today, with the explosion of new forms of mass media, from webcams on the
Internet to periodicals delivered on CD-ROM to online editions of
newspapers, the number and locations of representations of bisexuality and
other forms of queer sex has also climbed. Too, with more forms of media
that allow for various levels of privacy, the explicit nature of those
representations range from the very public, such as Sharon Stone's infamous
bisexual killer (Basic Instinct, 1992); to the less public, as with cable
deliveries of representations of bisexual; to the entirely private
(presumably), such as bisexual porno sites that deliver full length adult
films via broadband connections through such technologies as Ethernet and

This special double issue of the Journal of Bisexuality, scheduled to appear
subsequently in book form, is seeking papers that will tackle media
representation of bisexuality from recognized theoretical schools and
perspectives (including but not limited to feminism, queer studies, Marxism,
reader response, deconstruction and other recognized theory); material that
lacks a theoretical underpinning is not acceptable, though personal
narratives that do include such a perspective and fusions of various
theoretical schools will be considered. "Media" can refer to any of the
number of ways that mass representations are made and disseminated: movies,
television, the Internet, the Web, etc.

Thematic issues that we encourage for exploration include privacy issues,
censorship, thrusting of images and sound upon the unwilling viewer or
hearer, the roles libraries play in the electronic delivery of adult
materials, rural vs. urban understandings of the depiction of bisexual or bi-
erotic acts, the representation of the tensions between bisexuals and other
queers, the concerns of the differently abled, of church and religion,
economics, politics of identity, community formation, bi-eroticism, bi-
curious and questioning youth, polyamory, non-monogamy, inter-generational
sex and sexualities and so much more. In particular, the editors will
welcome essays that consider the ways that media represents bisexuals who
maintain membership in more than one minority community: gay men married to
women, lesbians who have straight sex, the disabled, queers of color,
bisexuals who are celibate by choice, etc.

Please submit completed essays (no abstracts) of 20-25 double-spaced
manuscript pages to BOTH and in Word
or RTF format for consideration by 12/31/05; requests to review relevant
books on this topic may be sent to both addresses as well. Inquiries are
welcome, though, again, only full manuscripts will be considered for
possible inclusion in this special issue.

Dr. Keith Dorwick
Assistant Professor of English and Rhetoric
Department of English
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
P.O. Box 44691
Lafayette, LA 70504-4691
(337) 482-6915

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