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"Queer desire"
a call for papers
a special issue of _Canadian Poetry_
"snow is our rule of churches, work and laws, / our reticence, our loneliness,
 our pause, / the emptiness we live in. This is snow."
 - E.A. Lacey, "Canadian Sonnets"
Edward Lacey's 1965 _Forms of Loss_, the first openly gay book of
Canadian poetry, names the then-unnamable, making public a language of desire
that often hesitated in speaking. But queer desire in Canadian poetry has
always been about more than longing and snowy reserve (though, certainly, it
has been that), especially as Lacey uses "snow" to refer to pre-1969
repressive Canadian jurisprudence. A relatively unexplored academic genre,
queer Canadian poetry--lesbian, trans, gay, queer, two-spirited--articulates
and challenges the often problematic categories of longing and belonging in a
diverse nation.
Contributions on any area of queer desire in Canadian poetry and/or on
queer writings by Canadian poets are welcome, including original research and
theory. Possible topics may include the history of queer poetry in Canada; the
post '69 emergence of a "gay basement" press; situated desires; difference;
subversion and destabilization; the forbidden; political and oppositional
desire; camp and style; issues of class and underclass; colonialist and
diasporic desires; gender and engendering; the body and abilities; straight
and bent; and comparative approaches. Length: ideally 18-25 pages, but others
will also be considered.
Poets may include (but are not limited to) Daniel David Moses, Natalie
Stephens, Trish Salah, Douglas LePan, Ian Iqbal Rashid, Robert Finch,
Dionne Brand, Mona Oikawa, E.A. Lacey, Daryl Hine, Dorothy Livesay, Daphne
Marlatt, Betsy Warland, Ian Young, Christine Donald, Patrick Anderson, John
Barton, Tamai Kobayashi, bill bissett, Andy Quan, H. Nigel Thomas, John Grube.

_Canadian Poetry_ is a refereed journal devoted to the study of poetry
from all periods in Canada. Submissions should follow the MLA Style Manual.
Please mail papers in duplicate, with a copy on diskette (MS Word), with ASE;
or email as an attachment (MS Word). Inquiries welcome.
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