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The editors of Sobriquet Magazine are looking for reviewers of
contemporary literature and criticism. We will consider all reviews of novels, plays, poetry, criticism, and belles lettres released since the start of 2004, but are especially interested in the list following this message. Unfortunately, our funding makes it impossible for Sobriquet to provide review copies at present, so we ask that reviewers either own, purchase, or borrow a copy of the book they wish to review.

Review essays can vary in length from 500 to 4000 words Sobriquet Magazine was established in 1995 as a print publication, but will be moving entirely online in September. We welcome reviews in time for the web launch, but our deadline is rolling and we will consider reviews year-round.

Though we prefer to receive reviews from active scholars and writers, we encourage a less formal writing style for reviews that we do for essays. The reviews should be coherent, well-written pieces, but are intended for an audience that extends beyond the academy. As such, we ask reviewers to avoid excessively convoluted language. Basically, have fun with the review, be creative and don't worry about sounding erudite.

Questions and comments to: editor_at_sobriquetmagazine_dot_com.

Books we would like to see reviewed:

Madame Bovary's Ovaries : A Darwinian Look at Literature
by David P. Barash, Nanelle R. Barash;
Delacorte Press

Scenes From A Receding Past (Irish Literature Series)
by Aidan Higgins
Dalkey Archive Press

City of the Beasts
by Isabel Allende

Consciousness: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions)
by Susan Blackmore

Ending Life: Ethics And The Way We Die
by M. Pabst Battin

Mind: A Brief Introduction (Fundamentals of Philosophy)
by John Searle, John R. Searle

Science, Religion, And The Human Experience
by James D. Proctor (Editor)

Deeper Than Reason: Emotion And Its Role In Literature, Music, And Art
by Jenefer Robinson

Bradbury Speaks : Too Soon from the Cave, Too Far from the Stars
by Ray Bradbury

Off Ramp : Adventures and Heartache in the American Elsewhere
by Hank Stuever

Bookmark Now: Writing in Unreaderly Times
by Kevin Smokler

Curious Attractions : Essays on Fiction Writing
by Debra Spark

Mr. Personality : Profiles and Talk Pieces from The New Yorker
by Mark Singer

Walter Benjamin: Selected Writings, Volume 2, part 1, 1927-1930
by Walter Benjamin, Michael W. Jennings (Series Editor), Howard Eiland (Series Editor), Gary Smith (Series Editor)

Walter Benjamin: Selected Writings, Volume 2, part 2, 1931-1934
by Walter Benjamin, Michael W. Jennings (Series Editor), Gary Smith (Series Editor), Howard Eiland (Series Editor)

Impertinences: Selected Writings Of Elia Peattie, A Journalist In The Gilded Age (Paperback)
by Elia Peattie, Susanne George Bloomfield (Editor)

I Tell You Now: Autobiographical Essays By Native American Writers (American Indian Lives Series)
by Brian Swann (Editor), Arnold Krupat (Editor)

Twilight Of The Long-Ball Gods: Dispatches From The Disappearing Heart Of Baseball
by John Schulian

Tennis Shorts: Great Wrinting on Tennis and Life
by Adam Sexton (Editor)

 Gather At The River: Notes From The Post-millennial South (Southern Literary Studies)
by Louis D., Jr. Rubin (Foreword), Hal Crowther

Midnight's Gate: Essays
by Bei Dao, Matthew Fryslie, Beidao, Christopher Mattison (Editor)

New York Stories: The Best Of The City Section Of The New York Times
by Constance Rosenblum (Editor)

Closing Arguments : Clarence Darrow on Religion, Law, and Society
by Clarence Darrow, S. T. Joshi (Editor)

Victorian Women Poets (Essays and Studies)
by Alison Chapman (Editor)

Revolutionary Letters
by Dianne Di Prima

Literature and Tolerance: View from Prague
by Vaclav Havel, et al

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
by Jonathan Safran Foer

by Chuck Palahniuk

Conversations With Don DeLillo (Literary Conversations Series)

Diary of Andres Fava
by Julio Cortazar, Anne McLean (Translator)

A Dream in Polar Fog
by Yuri Rytkheu, Ilona Yazhbin Chavasse

Skin: Talking About Sex, Class And Literature
by Dorothy Allison

Knight's Move: By Viktor Shklovsky ; Translation By Richard Sheldon
by Viktor Borisovich Shklovskii, Richard Sheldon, Viktor Shklovsky

Windy Arbours: Collected Criticism
by Aidan Higgins

Readers Of The Quilt: Essays On Being Black, Female, and Literate
by Joanne Kilgour Dowdy

The Merry Recluse: A Life in Essays
by Caroline Knapp

Hoagland on Nature : Essays
by Edward Hoagland

Fiction, Essays & Poetry
by Frank J. Webb, Werner Sollors (Introduction)

Oui 2: Scientific Archangelism, Writings 1933-1978
by Salvador Dali

Berlin: The City and the Court
by Jules Laforgue, William Jay Smith

by Henry Miller, et al

Nobel Laureates In Search Of Identity And Integrity: Voices Of Different Cultures
by Anders Hallengren (Editor)

The Human Story : Our History, from the Stone Age to Today
by James C. Davis

The Measure of God : Our Century-Long Struggle to Reconcile Science & Religion
by Larry Witham

Clean and Decent: The Fascinating History of the Bathroom and the Water-Closet
by Lawrence Wright

Hairstyles of the Damned (Punk Planet Books)
by Joe Meno

Ramones: The Complete Twisted History
by Dick Porter

What the Butler Saw: Two Hundred and Fifty Years of the Servant Problem
by E. S. Turner

The Fall Of Rome: And The End Of Civilization
by Bryan Ward-Perkins

Damned: An Illustrated History of the Devil
by Robert Muchembled

>From the Velvets to the Voidoids : The Birth of American Punk Rock
by Clinton Heylin

Fucked Up & Photocopied: Instant Art of the Punk Rock Movement
by Bryan Ray Turcotte, Christopher T. Miller

Passion Is A Fashion: The Real Story of The Clash
by Pat Gilbert

The Clash : Return of the Last Gang in Town - 2nd Edition
by Marcus Gray, The Clash


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