CFP: Asian American Literature Workshop (Cyprus) (8/31/05; EAAS, 4/7/06-4/10/06)

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Elisabetta Marino
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We are seeking submission for a workshop on Asian American literature to be=
held during the next EAAS Conference (European Association for American=20
Studies), 7-10 April 2006, Nicosia, Cyprus.
Please, send a 150-200 abstract by August 31st to and=

What follows is the abstract of the workshop

The Problem of Double Allegiance in the Literary Production of Asian=20
Americans (1985 =96 2005)

The literary production of Asian Americans has often been centered on the=20
issue of =93double allegiance=94, on the complex relationship of the writers=
with their new country of settlement (the USA) and with their culture of=20
origin, thus generating in them either a =93conformist=94 or a =93non=
or even an =93anti conformist=94 attitude.
This workshop sets out to explore how the issue of =93double allegiance=94=
been further problematized in several writings published in the last twenty=
years, due to the development of a transnational trend in migratory fluxes.=
Papers focusing on novels, poetry and visual arts are encouraged.

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