UPDATE: The Cultural History of Reading (8/20/05; collection)

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Gabrielle Watling
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Call for Contributors:

Cultural History of Reading (2 vol. series forthcoming from Greenwood =
Press, 2007).

The Editors seek contributors for the following subsections of the =
Europe and Britain chapter of the World Literature volume: =20

  a.. Ancient Greece and Rome
  b.. Establishment of Christianity
  c.. Medieval period
  d.. The Renaissance
  e.. Romanticism and The Nineteenth Century
  f.. Modernism
  g.. Post-Modernism =20
The series will examine written documents (books, pamphlets, treatises, =
plays, poems, essays etc.) that shaped, and were shaped by, crucial =
cultural events throughout the world (Volume I) and in the United States =
(Volume II). Each volume explores the relationship between the =
historical moments that shaped a nation, region or historical period, =
and the texts that challenged, incited, enforced, or subverted those =
events. A list of recent references and other sources will also be =
included. Subsections will be approximately 15-25 pages (depending on =
the chapter) and include: 1) a brief timeline of important cultural =
events; 2) an introduction to the region/period. Subsections will focus =
on the texts that generated/were generated by moments of cultural change =
or periods of distinct cultural, political, ideological, religious or =
social consolidation. Texts are by no means limited to creative fiction, =
poetry or drama. The project should be thought of as a "literature of =
history" rather than a history of literature. Contributors should =
therefore consider, inter alia, the most important political, =
philosophical, scientific, domestic, religious and cultural texts for =
their subsection(s). Individual entries will contain information about =
the specific texts that characterized the era, including author(s), date =
of first appearance or publication, overview of content; and discussion =
of cultural significance. Contributors are also required for the =
following subsections:

  a.. Asia and the Pacific chapter: South East Asia subsection
  b.. Africa and the Middle East chapter: The Pre-Mohammedan period and =
The Rise of Islam subsections
For more information contact Dr. Gabrielle Watling, Editor
at gwatling_at_endicott.edu by August 20, 2005.

Gabrielle Watling Ph.D.
Associate Professor of English
Endicott College
Beverly, M.A., 01915

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