CFP: Ephemera: Thresholds, MIT Journal of Architecture, Art, and Media Culture (10/31/05; journal issue)

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thresholds, the bi-annual critical journal of architecture, art and media
culture of the department of architecture at MIT invites submissions for
issue 31 'ephemera'

DUE:   31 October 2005 
(please see details for submissions below)


We have accelerated into an age in which information is as fleeting as our
response to it, and the capacity for its processing the new world currency.
The relevance of the moment has become eclipsed by that of its own passage,
and absolute position has become an easy sacrifice for the velocity on
offer.  We have been at last swept by the flux of our times into a time
defined by its own flux.  Time has become both the axis and the function.

thresholds 31 seeks to explore this condition through identifying,
suggesting, tracing and questioning the notion of ephemera* through time and
cultural relevance.  What role does ephemera play within current cultural
practice and thought?  What are its historical traces and its cultural
import?  What are the projects in which it has become manifest –
deliberately, or not – and why?  Are we longing for a future or a past, or

Contributions from all fields including, but not limited to, scholarly works
are welcome. thresholds 31 will be the first issue to accept both text and
time-based media submissions.  Time-based media submissions might include
but are not limited to, video, sound, animation, etc. and will be published
in digital format.

*  ephemera, n., transf. and fig. One who or something which has a
transitory existence. [Oxford English Dictionary, 2nd edition 1989]


thresholds invites submissions, including but not limited to scholarly
works, from all fields. thresholds attempts to publish only original
material. Materials should be postmarked by October 31, 2005.

TEXT: Manuscripts for review should be no more than 2,500 words. Text must
be formatted in accordance with The Chicago Manual of Style. Spelling should
follow American convention and quotations must be translated into English.
All submissions must be submitted electronically, via e-mail or disk, and
accompanied by hard copies of text and images. Text should be saved as
Microsoft Word or RTF format, while any accompanying images should be sent
as TIFF files with a resolution of at least 300 dpi at 8" x 9" print size.
Figures should be numbered clearly in the text. Image captions and credits
must be included with submissions. It is the responsibility of the author to
secure permissions for image use and pay any reproduction fees. A brief
author bio must accompany the text.

MEDIA: Media submissions below 8MB can be submitted via e-mail to : and by disk.  Submissions above 8MB must be sent on disk and/or
posted on a server for download.  Most common file formats will be
accepted.  Thresholds reserves the right to request reformatting of works
for final publication. It is the responsibility of the author to secure
permissions for proprietary media use and pay any reproduction fees. A brief
author bio must accompany the work.

submissions due: 31 October 2005

Please send materials or correspondence to:

Talia Dorsey, Editor
MIT Department of Architecture
Room 7-337
77 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02139  USA
text/image submissions:
media submissions (below 8MB):

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