CFP: Rhetoric in the Jesuit Tradition: Looking Back (8/25/05; RSA, 5/26/06-5/29/06)

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Peters, Dr. K. J.
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 Rhetoric Society of America Panel Title: Rhetoric in the Jesuit
Tradition: Looking Back

Summary: Since the founding of the Jesuits five hundred years ago,
rhetorical theory and practice have held prominent places in the order's
educational and spiritual missions. Adaptive rhetorical practices have
been integral to the missionary work of the order, Jesuit education has
emphasized rhetoric as a central component of the Ratio Studiorum, and
Jesuits and Jesuit-trained scholars have made significant contributions
to rhetorical theory. This panel will examine the historical
relationship between the Jesuit order and rhetoric. Scholars are
invited to submit papers examining a wide variety of aspects of this
historical relationship. Potential topics include, but are no mean
limited to, the following:
* The place of rhetoric in the founding and mission of the order.

* Key rhetors and theorists in the Jesuit rhetorical tradition
(e.g.: Ong, Corbett, Vico, Ricci, etc.).
* Rhetorical perspectives on Jesuit practices of cultural and
community adaptation.
* Jesuit organizational culture as a "carrier wave" for selective
aspects of rhetorical education and theory across the centuries.
* Rhetorical dimensions of key Jesuit texts: The Constitutions,
the Ratio Studiorum, The Spiritual Exercises, General Congregation
documents, etc.
* The rhetorical pursuit of social justice and inquiry:
application and misapplication (e.g.: liberation theology, preferential
option for the poor, the Inquisition, etc.).
* Character formation and rhetorical education in the Jesuit

Send 250-300 word abstracts by August 25th, 2005 to Dr. Jeff Philpott,
Communication Department, Seattle University, 901 12th Avenue, Seattle,
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