CFP: Transitional Moments: Exploring Early Saints and Sanctity in Britain (9/10/05; Kalamazoo, 5/4/06-5/7/06)

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Alison Walker
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 Submissions are invited for a session on
"Transitional Moments: Exploring Early Saints and Sanctity in Britain"
at the 41st International Congress on Medieval=20
Studies, 4-7 May 2006, in Kalamazoo.=20

Studies in hagiography tend to center around particular saints and their
reception in specific locations; they rarely explore the transitions of
a saint between locations and vernaculars, or from one mode of
transmission to another. However, these transitions are very often what
define saints in Anglo-Saxon and Early Middle English literature, and
for this reason are very important to elucidate in their early

This session will explore the moments of transition that reimagine or
reposition British Saints. Possible topics include:

--Relocating Germanic, Eastern, and other non-Insular saints for a British=
--Reconstructing national identity through revisioning conventional=20
--Rewriting saints from one vernacular to another, or from Latin to the=20
--Refiguring saints from oral to written culture and back again.

Session Organizers:

Francesca Marx, UCLA
Alison Walker, UCLA

Please submit abstracts by 10, September 2005 to: Alison Walker
(alison.walker (at) gmail (dot) com)

(Include any AV requests with your abstract.)

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