CFP: Counter-Culture: Religious Right vs. Hollywood Left (8/10/05; SCMS, 3/2/06-3/5/06)

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Michele Torre
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COUNTER-CULTURE: Religious Right vs. Hollywood Left


Red State vs. Blue State. Religious vs. Secular. Heartland vs.

America is divided by lines that may seem artificial and arbitrary, but
they are real nonetheless. In this panel, we will explore the ongoing
culture wars, between the "Religious Right" and the "Hollywood Left."
How has Hollywood respected or offended conservative Christian
audiences, and how have Christians accepted or attacked the film and
television that Hollywood produces? Conservative lobbies, like Dr.
James Dobson's Focus on the Family and the Parents Television Council,
have influenced the FCC to crack down on high-profile cases of indecency
and obscenity--and the fines go up, even as the definitions keep
shifting. How have people of faith attempted to construct their own
media in response to Hollywood?


If you're interested in participating in this panel, please send a
proposal and brief biography to Paul Torre < > ASAP
or by August 10, 2005.


Paul Joseph Torre

Cinema-Television, Critical Studies

University of Southern California


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