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CFP: Literary Renovations in Middle English Texts (9/10/05; Kalamazoo, 5/4/06-5/7/06)

Friday, August 12, 2005 - 3:06pm

41st International Congress on Medieval Studies
Kalamazoo, MI
May 4-7, 2006

"Literary Renovations in Middle English Texts: The Old Made New?"

James Simpson's new literary history, Reform and Cultural Revolution (Oxford,
2004), redefines the conventional periodic boundaries along the lines of
cultural practice. The 'medieval' period emerges as a culture of 'reform'
against the 'revolutionary' tendencies of the 'Renaissance' or 'early modern'
period. "Each deals differently with artefacts and buildings of the past,"
Simpson explains. "[T]he revolutionary model works by iconoclasm and
demolition, while the reformist model operates by accretive bricolage" (35).

CFP: African-American Faculty & Administrators (10/31/05; collection)

Friday, August 12, 2005 - 3:06pm
Tolley-Stokes, Rebecca L.

Contributions are sought for essays on the topic of African-American
faculty and administrators (current of former) at Appalachian colleges
or universities. This critical anthology seeks to explore the plethora
of situations and circumstances that affect African American faculty and
administrators in the Appalachian region. We are looking for abstracts
that will RESULT IN SCHOLARLY ESSAYS. We are not seeking poetry, art or
similar material.

Send 2-page limit abstracts to either:

Keith Johnson, Ph.D.