CFP: Italian Imperialism (11/1/05; Empire, 3/16/06-3/18/06)

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Arnold A. Schmidt
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Dear Colleagues:

         I am assembling a panel on representations of Italian imperialism in
literature, film and the visual arts as part of the conference on "Empire,
Borderlands, & Border Cultures." Papers addressing images of imperialism on
the Italian peninsula or by Italy from Classicism to World War II (the
Greeks, Romans, Bourbons, Habsburgs, Fascists, etc.) would be appropriate.
I hope for a range of topics, including scholars working on Italy's ideology
of imperial expansion as a way of "making Italians," as well as on
representations of late-nineteenth and early-twentieth-century imperial
adventures (the Battle of Adua, the Ethiopian Crisis, the March on Fiume,
etc.). Please see the general cfp for more conference information, and
contact me if you have any questions.

        Arnold A. Schmidt, Ph.D. / Professor / California State


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    In an effort to facilitate a wide-ranging, interdisciplinary
 conversation about empire, California State University/Stanislaus will
 host a conference on "Empire, Borderlands, & Border Cultures,"
 Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, 16-18 March 2006. To situate these
 topics in as broad a context as possible, we seek scholars working in
 such disciplines as Anthropology, Architecture & Art History,
 Economics, Education, Ethnic & Gender Studies, Film Studies,
 Geography, History, Literature, Philosophy, Politics & Public Policy,
 and the sciences.


 Yen Le Espiritu. Department of Ethnic Studies, University of
 California, San Diego

 Selected Publications: Home Bound: Filipino American Lives across
 Cultures, Communities, and Countries (University of California Press,
 2003); Asian American Women and Men: Labor, Laws, and Love (Sage
 Press, 1997); Filipino American Lives (Temple University Press, 1995);
 Asian American Panethnicity: Bridging Institutions and Identities
 (Temple University Press, 1992).

 Philippa Levine. Department of History, University of Southern

 Selected Publications: Gender and Empire (ed., Oxford University
 Press, 2004); Prostitution, Race and Politics: Policing Venereal
 Disease in the British Empire (Routledge, 2003); Women's Suffrage in
 the British Empire: Citizenship, Nation and Race (ed., Routledge,
 2000); Feminist Lives in Victorian England. Private Roles and Public
 Commitment (Basil Blackwell, 1990).


    We hope that participants will address the issues of empire from
 antiquity to postmodernity, on every continent and from many cultures.
 Suggested topics might include, but are by no means limited to, the

           -- Diaspora, Immigration, "Crossing Over," & "Passing."

           -- Ecocide & the Political Ecology of Empire.

           -- Reverse Colonization: the Latinization of North America.

           -- Imperial Borders & Language: Dominance, Discrimination, &

           -- The Empire in Popular Culture.

           -- Teaching Imperial Ideology: Empire, Education, &
 Children's Literature.

           -- Borders and "Borders" -- Theorizing Cultural Connection &

           -- From Hollywood to Bollywood & Beyond: the Empire on Film.

           -- Home, Refugees, the Dispossessed: Migration, Place, &

           -- The Border as Metaphor.

           -- Constructing/Constricting National, Religious, & Ethnic

           -- Imperialism & Visual Culture.

           -- Theories of Empire: the Political, Historical, Erotic, &

           -- Biopower.

           -- The Imperial In-Between in Drama, Fiction, Film, &

           -- Transnational Feminism(s).

           -- Dialectism & Resistance: Black English, Chicanismo, &
 Linguistic Minorities.

           -- Technological Border-Crossings: Empire, Film, TV, and the

           -- Gender & Empire.

           -- Cosmopolitanism: World Culture vs. Local Identity.

           -- Imperialism, Philanthropy, & Aid.

 Submission deadline: 1 November 2005. You may send hardcopies to

           Arnold A. Schmidt, Ph.D.
           Empire Conference Committee
           Department of English
           California State University, Stanislaus
           801 W. Monte Vista Ave.
           Turlock, CA 95382

    One page vitas and proposals for 20-minute papers can be emailed to
 Betsy Eudey ( or Arnold Schmidt
  We welcome panel proposals. No attachments please.

    Located in the Central Valley, CSU/Stanislaus lies about two hours
 east of San Francisco and Berkeley, and about three hours west of
 Yosemite National Park.

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