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Announcement & Call for submissions

The fourth issue of Participations: Journal of Audience and Reception
studies, a new journal which aims to provide an on-line, interdisciplinary
forum for the fields of audience and reception studies, has just come out.

Issue #4 (August, 2005) includes an editorial by Martin Barker, an article
entitled by Thomas Austin concerning audience perspectives on screen
documentaries, an investigation into the reception of French nationalism in
Germany (Joseph Jurt), and Victoria Knight's study into mass communication
consumption in a closed young offenders institution.

Particip_at_tions is always on the look-out for contributions from a wide
range of disciplines that focus on audience research. It publishes
contributions from various approaches, such as, sociology, psychology,
anthropology, linguistics/discourse theory and cultural and media studies.
Additionally, since important notions about audiences have emerged from
outside the 'mainstream'of media audience research, Particip_at_tions will
also publish noteworthy contributions from fields such as museum and
heritage studies; literary studies; educational studies, as well as
interesting contributions from fields outside academia.

Briefly -
Particip_at_tions aims to
    * publish research from different approaches, without the limitations
on length and presentation of evidence which can cramp and weaken such work;
    * encourage open debate between different approaches and methodologies;
    * encourage collaborations across academic disciplines, areas and
    * provide a place where people may find materials and bibliographies
for use in teaching, and research training;
    * provide a focal point for the development of the broad field,
including the organization of conferences and other kinds of fora.
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