CFP: Science and Religion in Film (11/1/05; e-journal issue)

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Thomas Philbeck
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CFP: Science and Religion in Film (InterCulture
E-Journal 11/01/05)

InterCulture E-Journal

ISSN 1552-5910

For our Fall 2005 Issue, InterCulture is seeking
essays that address the engagement of science and
religion in film. 21st century culture is still
dealing with the consequences of the Enlightenment
project on multiple levels. One of these consequences
is the conflict between science and religion. More
recently, the "warfare" model has given way to newer
perspectives that recognize alternating currents of
influence between these disciplines; these latest
perspectives attempt to define the engagement of
science and religion, often describing a symbiotic
relationship of growth and development. InterCulture
wants to explore the matrices where these two
cosmologies harmonize (as well as conflict) and what
the impact of the emerging discourses mean to the
modern public. Why? Because the engagement of science
and religion surfaces as a central theme in many
modern films, thus playing a central role in defining
mass culture in the 20th and 21st centuries.

No particular genre is central to our theme. In fact,
just the opposite: the primary aim of the Fall Issue
is to provide readers with a more encompassing view of
the role that science plays in the understanding of
religion and in religious discourse (and vice versa).
Moreover, the engagement between science and religion
is manifest in popular and independent films and in
this way impacts the public (and cultural
understanding) of their roles in society. Science
fiction films are the obvious major genre for this
study; however, there are dramas, mysteries, comedies,
and action films that speak to this topic as well.

Topics could include, but are not limited to the ways
science and religion, in film, engage one another

Distopian/Utopian Visions
Avenues for seeking Truth in Existence
Evolutionary Psychology
Mathematics and God
Theological-Technological conflict
Cosmology and Philosophical religion
Artificial Intelligence and Spiritual Machines

Submitters may choose to develop the theme of
engagement in an individual film or focus on a
paradigmatic encounter between science and religion in
certain groups of films or particular genres.

InterCulture is an e-journal focused upon the
interdisciplinary study of world cultures, the
celebration and contemplation of cultural diversity,
and exploration of the commonalities of the human
InterCulture exists to publish articles and media
written from an interdisciplinary perspective, without
any preference for a particular theoretical approach.
Creative work, book, film and music reviews are
accepted as well.

InterCulture publishes material on a rolling basis;
please allow 1-3 months for review. Articles should be
submitted in MSWord or .RTF format and be between 3-6K
words in length; book, film, and music reviews should
be between 750-1250 words. Submissions are

For creative work, video and images should be
submitted in commonly utilized formats. (e.g., .SWF,
MP3, AVI, Real Media, Windows Media, .JPG, .GIF, .WAV,
All submissions should include "InterCulture" in the
subject heading.

Please send submissions via email to:

Thomas Philbeck
Managing Editor


Copyright Statement
Authors retain intellectual property rights to their
material and may re-publish it provided that
InterCulture is acknowledged as the original place of
publication. Material in InterCulture may be
reproduced in whole or in part for non-profit use for
the purposes of education research, library reference,
or stored and/or distributed as a public service by
any networked computer. Any commercial use of this
journal in whole or in part by any means is strictly
prohibited without written permission. Any use of this
journal in whole or in part should include customary
bibliographic citation, including author attribution,
date, article title, and electronic retrieval

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