CFP: Medieval Disability (UK) (9/20/05; Leeds, 7/10/06-7/13/06)

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Cory Rushton
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Medieval Disability: The body beyond the margins (Leeds, July 10-13th 2006).
Disability Studies, a field of inquiry rooted in disciplines as diverse as archaeology, history, literary studies and queer theory, has increasingly called for an intensified exanination of the history of disability: how it was perceived, what constituted "able-bodiedness" in different eras, the moral ramifications of disability, the growth of the culture of pity, etc. Medievalists have been slow to answer this call, despite the period's centrality in the formation of modern identities.
The organizers of this session are calling for papers examining the topic of medieval disability as manifested in historical, literary and theological texts from roughly 500-1500 AD. Possible topics include disabled characters in literary texts; archaeological evidences for disabled persons; the marginalization (or acceptance) of traditional disabled categories in the period; the contrast or continuities between the medieval period and our own; the relationship between physical and moral wholeness; theoretical approaches to Disability and Medieval Studies; etc. Approaches can be based in any academic field.
The deadline for proposals (300 words and title) is September 22nd, 2005, with the final panel being submitted to the Leeds organizers by September 30th, 2005.
Please send abstracts and inquiries by email to:
Dr. Cory James Rushton
Thank you in advance.

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