CFP: Women, Gender, Pedagogy (10/31/05; CUNY, 2/24/06)

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Baiada, Christa
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Call for Papers

Women, Gender, Pedagogy: Conference on Feminist Pedagogy

Friday, February 24, 2006

CUNY Graduate Center, New York, NY

Submission Deadline: October 31, 2005


The Feminist Studies Group at the CUNY Graduate Center seeks =
participants for an afternoon conference on feminist pedagogies for =
scholars who teach (or hope to) Women's or Gender Studies or who =
incorporate these studies and feminist pedagogies into other =
disciplines. The goals of the conference are two-fold: =20

1) To share pedagogical methods and ideas for teaching women's and =
gender studies and/or feminist approaches to teaching in various =

2) To discuss the various issues of concern for those teaching =
women's studies, gender studies or sexuality in the academy =20


We invite participants to lead or take part in panels, workshops and =
round-table discussions devoted to the sharing of innovative lesson =
plans, assignments and/or classroom strategies that they have found to =
be successful within various disciplines or in core Women's Studies =
courses. For example, how might one incorporate feminist pedagogies or =
issues related to women, gender, or sexuality into a composition or =
literature class, a science class, or a music class? We are eager to =
have as many different disciplines involved as possible! Also, ho does =
one organize a Women's Studies syllabus, or run a Women's Studies class =
according to feminist principles?=20


Participants are also invited to present papers (no longer than 15 =
minutes) exploring topics of relevance that might include but are not =
limited to:=20


"Sneaking" Women's or Gender Studies into introductory classes

Confronting resistance in the classroom

Circumventing administrative resistance and roadblocks

Defining feminism for the classroom

Teaching controversial subjects, i.e. religion, reproductive rights, =

National and international contexts for exploring feminisms

Finding appropriate texts and materials

Men in the women's studies classroom as teachers, as students

Intersections of women's studies with: Gender, Class, Race, and/or =

Fostering activism in the classroom


In the spirit of feminist collaboration, we are also seeking =
contributions of sample syllabi, lesson plans, assignments, and =
bibliographies for a collection of teaching resources that we plan to =
compile and distribute to conference participants and, in the future, =
make available more widely via the FSG web-site. =20


Proposals for conference participation should be approximately 250words. =
Please also attach a short bio.

Proposals and submissions to the teaching resources collection should be =
sent to:=20

Via e-mail: Stephanie Jensen-Moulton at as =
attachment in =20

                        rich text (.rtf) [use your last name as document =
title] or pasted into e-mail=20

                        message; please refer to conference in subject =
heading of message

Via regular mail: Christa Baiada, English Department, City University of =
New York,=20

                        Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY =

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