CFP: The 21st Century Ethnic Enclave: Beyond the Way Station (9/23/05; AAAS, 3/22/06-3/26/06)

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Yoonmee Chang
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The 21st Century Ethnic Enclave: Beyond the Way Station
Association for Asian American Studies
Atlanta, GA March 22-26, 2006

British officials recently claimed that terrorism is bred by the
geographical, social and economic isolation of Muslims in England. This
perspective makes conventional assumptions about the ethnic enclave –
that it is a degenerate holding space that immigrants and diasporic
populations must transcend in order to become productive citizens. This
panel invites papers that offer alternative perspectives on the enclave.
  How has enclave formation changed up through the 21st century? For
instance, how does it diverge from the Chicago School model or the
classic model of 19th century Chinatown formation? What do we make of
the suburban enclave? How have these developments changed our notions
of enclave boundaries, geographical as well as cultural and economic?
Given the multi-racial character of contemporary enclaves, are
descriptions like "Chinatown" and "Koreatown" misnomers? Are these
spaces ghettoes or communities? Are they racialized replications of
dominant race, middle class spaces? And what are the distinctive
characteristics of enclaves across the globe as well as within unique
regional locations?

We seek interdisciplinary papers from a wide range of disciplines and
theoretical approaches, and that examine enclaves in a broad range of
geographical sites. We encourage submissions from disciplines not
usually associated with enclave research. Please send cv and abstract
of 350 words or fewer to Kyeyoung Park ( and
Yoonmee Chang ( by September 23, 2005.

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