UPDATE: Reading and Writing as Gesture in Medieval Literature (UK) (9/20/05, Leeds, 7/10/06-7/13/06)

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Deadline extended to September 20th for the following seesion at the IMC
2006 at Leeds University, UK

Reading and Writing as Gesture in Medieval Literature

The centrality of interaction between writer (as far as he/she inhabits a
text) and reader for the construction of textual meaning has long been
recognised. This session proposes to examine the ways in which medieval
writers conceive of their multiple roles as readers and writers of texts,
and how they position themselves in relation to their heterogeneous
audiences. Is it possible, today, to detect specific writerly gestures that
can be seen to constitute attempts to control readerly response to a given
text? What does this tell us about the medieval reception of texts that were
often only available in fragments or manuscripts stemming from unstable
textual lineages? What role do the differences between private, public and
silent reading play? What are the implications for our role as post-medieval
readers of medieval texts and writers of academic analyses?

I welcome proposals that address any of these questions or others that are
not listed here but conceive of reading and writing as gesture.

Information on the IMC can be found on their website: www.leeds.ac.uk/ims

Please send proposals, including a short abstract as Word attachment, by
September 20th 2005 to

Malte Urban, University of Wales, Aberystwyth

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