CFP: Film Sequels (11/30/05; collection)

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Carolyn Jess

CFP: Film Sequels (11/30/05; collection)

Film Sequels: New Theories of Remaking and Sequelization

Eds. Carolyn Jess (University of Sunderland, UK) and Constantine
Verevis (Monash University, Australia)

This edited volume will examine the complex theoretical and
ideological dimensions of sequelization in recent cinema. In the light
of the sequel phenomenon at the end of the twentieth-century and the
subsequent influx of narrative developments in the current century
which foreground notions of continuation, 'afterwardness', memory, and
nostalgia, this volume seeks to interrogate the cultural, industrial,
historical, and narrative concerns at the heart of sequel production.
We are therefore looking for essays between 5,000 and 7,500 words
which approach the film sequel as a mode with considerable theoretical
and ideological value. We would be particularly interested in essays
which look to the following concepts with relevance to recent cinema,
though all ideas are welcome:

• the various associative contexts and forms of sequels
(including prequels, 'interquels', and trilogies)
• sequentiality, seriality, sequelization, deferred endings, and
film narrative as a form of cultural memory
• the notion of 'post' as a site of cultural transition, and/or
notions of 'afterwardness', secondariness, continuation, prolepsis and
analepsis at the heart of sequelization
• the various industrial, political, social, textual,
historical, and technological factors of sequel and remake production
• films which are not sequels but which nonetheless engage with
intertextuality and/or the dynamics of remaking and sequelization
General enquires and abstracts are welcomed by the editors at or The
deadline for abstracts (300 words) is 30th November 2005.

Dr Carolyn Jess
Lecturer in Film Studies
Media Building
School of Arts, Design, Media and Culture
St Peters' Campus
University of Sunderland
Sunderland SR6 0DD
Telephone: 0191 515 2966

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