CFP: Hunter S. Thompson's Legacy (11/15/05; SAC, 4/12/06-4/16/06)

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Lawrence McBride

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CALL FOR PAPERS: 26th Annual SAC Spring Conference
April 12-16, 2006 at Asilomar Conference Grounds, Pacific Grove, California.


SAC is an academic organization interested in theoretical approaches to the
phenomenon of human consciousness--both generally and as it varies across
cultures. Journalist and author Hunter S. Thompson (July 18, 1937 –
February 20, 2005) became a major figure in American popular culture through
his writings on sports, politics, and "the death of the American dream,"
which as he described his "beat." The goal of this panel will be to explore
connections between Thompson's works, his open use of
consciousness-altering drugs, his political commentary and activism, issues
of representation and post-1960s American culture generally. Relevant
submissions will take as a starting point the idea that despite (or perhaps
because of) Thompson's fringe status within American discourse, a
sympathetic understanding of his writings and subjects is a key step toward
better theoretical understanding of human consciousness generally speaking,
or contemporary American consciousness specifically. Papers might also
consider issues raised by Thompson's style: what does his method of research
and writing tell us about the development of American journalism in the past
decades? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using drugs as method
or metaphor in communication and commentary? Are there implications for
ethnography—especially in anthropology of consciousness—in Thompson's work?
How can we claim for our own use Thompson's insights and analyses? Students
are strongly encouraged to submit paper proposals. Interested parties
should email Lawrence B. McBride ( and include
an abstract of the proposed 15 minute paper presentation ASAP, but BY
NOVEMBER 15. More information on SAC and the 2006 meetings is available at .

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