UPDATE: Queer Hollywood 1969-1985 (9/23/05; NEMLA, 3/2/06-3/5/06)

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Scott F. Stoddart
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Northeast Modern Language Association: 2-5 March 2006 in Philadelphia

I am now seeking papers for the following panel; please note the deadline has now changed to 23 September 2005.

Looking Backwards: Re-reading Hollywood's Queer Images, 1969-1985. Sponsored by the NEMLA Gay and Lesbian Caucus. In Screened Out, Richard Barrios re-examines films mentioned in Vito Russo's The Celluloid Closet in a deeper historical context to reveal Hollywood's imaging process. Similarly, this panel seeks to investigate the films created after the Stonewall riots to the start of the AIDS crisis - films that Russo believed important for exposing queer experience to America despite being "homophobic." Is there anything positive that the GLBT community can learn from films such as: The Gay Deceivers (1969); Norman, Is That You? (1976); Cruising (1980)? Are their political and social benefits in re-examining films such as The Boys in the Band (1970); Making Love (1982); An Early Frost (1985) other than their historical importance? Papers from any critical perspective that examines these or other film texts from this era are welcome. Send proposals as Word attachments to Scott!
  F. Stoddart at stoddarts_at_mville.edu by 23 September 2005.

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