CFP: Perspectives on Contemporary Legend (Denmark) (2/1/06; 5/29/06-6/1/06)

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International Society for Contemporary Legend Research
Twenty-fourth International Conference

Copenhagen, Denmark

May 29 - June 1, 2006

The International Society for Contemporary Legend Research is pleased to =
announce that the 2006 Perspectives on Contemporary Legend Twenty-fourth =
International Conference is to be held in the 'Blixen Room' in the =
'Black Diamond' building of the Royal Library in Copenhagen, Denmark. =

Also, in connection with the conference there will be a reception and =
tour of the collections and facilities at the nearby Dansk =
Folkemindesamling (


Copenhagen quite often is wonderful at this particular time of the year, =
and the conference will take place in the very centre of the city, =
within comfortable walking distance of sights, shopping and suitable =
settings for socializing.

Proposals for papers on all aspects of "contemporary," "urban," or =
"modern" legend research are sought, as are those on any legend or =
legend-like tradition that circulate actively at present or have =
circulated at an earlier historical period. Previous discussions have =
ranged in focus from the ancient to the modern (including Internet-lore) =
and have covered diverse cultures worldwide (including our own academic =

The 2006 meeting will be organized as a series of seminars at which the =
majority of those who attend will present papers and/or contribute to =
discussion sessions. Concurrent sessions will be avoided so that all =
participants can hear all the papers. Proposals for special panels of =
papers, discussion sessions, and other related events are encouraged.

To participate in the conference, please forward a title and abstract, =
along with the appropriate conference fee, to Henrik Lassen by February =
1, 2006.=20

For further information or travel advice, contact:

Henrik R. Lassen or Else Marie Kofod

Center for English and Danish Dansk Folkemindesamling

Syddansk Universitet Christians =
Brygge 3

Engstien 1 =
DK-1219 K=F8benhavn K.

DK-6000 Kolding Denmark


Tel. +4565501454 tel. =

e-mail: <> =
              e-mail: <>=20


Also, updated information can be found on the Dansk Folkemindesamling =
site, <> , as information =
becomes available.



Kastrup Airport is located about 15 kilometers from the centre of =
Copenhagen. The easiest (and often the quickest) way to reach the city =
centre is to take a train from the airport to Hovedbanegaarden, the =
central station. However, the hotel is located about a kilometre from =
the main station, so depending on how much luggage you have, you may =
need a cab from there. During the day, the train runs every ten minutes =
from the airport station. See: =

Renting a car is possible, but expensive and not recommended for a stay =
in Copenhagen.

Taking a taxi from Kastrup Airport to the Cab Inn City hotel will cost =
approximately 150-200 Danish Kroner, but will get you there directly.




Rooms are reserved at the CAB INN City hotel, a short walk from 'the =
Black Diamond.'=20

Standard rooms: 525,- Dkr., single; 645,- Dkr., double. ('Commodore =
class' and Captain's class' rooms also available at rates up to 845,- =
Dkr. for a Captain's Class double room). All rooms have shower/ =
bathrooms, TV, and kettles + free coffee & tea, but breakfast is not =
included. Instead the hotel has a 'morning caf=E9.' Parking is available =
at 120 Dkr. per day.

For more information and booking see:

The Cab Inn City hotel is located across the street from Copenhagen's =
main police station, very close to Tivoli and the Glyptoteket museum =
(classical Greek, Roman, and Egyptian art) and less than a kilometre =
from the main square/ city hall (R=E5dhuspladsen) and Str=F8get.



Mitchellsgade 14

DK-1568 K=F8benhavn C.=20

Tel. (+45) 33461616=20

Fax: (+45) 33461717


When making reservations, please include the ISCLR booking reservation =
number: 33305

Perspectives on Contemporary Legend:=20

The Twenty-fourth International Conference

Copenhagen, Denmark, May 29 - June 1, 2006

Submission of Papers, Panels, etc.=20
Deadline: February 1, 2006

A 400 word abstract is required for all papers, panels, etc.=20
Please include your name and the title of the presentation and attach to =
a completed copy of this page.


Title of paper:

Audiovisual requirements (please list):=20

If the paper is being submitted as part of a proposed panel,=20
provide the organizer and the panel title:

If this is a proposal for a special panel, forum, or=20
workshop, please supply the following information:

Session organizer:

Session title:

Names of all participants, in the order in which they will=20

Advance Registration:=20



Mailing Address:=20

E-mail Address:=20

Please check the appropriate registration category and attach=20
the registration fee (payable to ISCLR).

[ ] ISCLR Member=20
$85 US, $110 CD, =A350 British Sterling, 75 Euro
[ ] Non-member (includes ISCLR membership fee)=20
$120 US, $160 CD, =A370 Sterling, 100 Euro
[ ] Student=20
$15 US, $20 CD, =A310 British Sterling, 15 Euro

Please send abstracts and registration fees to:


Henrik R. Lassen =20

Center for English and Danish =20

Syddansk Universitet =20

Engstien 1 =20

DK-6000 Kolding =20




Dr. Mikel J. Koven

Lecturer, Dept of Theatre, Film and Television Studies

University of Wales, Aberystwyth

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