CFP: Sciences, the Empire and the Commonwealth (10/30/05; journal issue)

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Gilles Teulié
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Call for contribution for a special issue of "Les carnets du Cerpac" =
(journal of Commonwealth studies at the University of Montpellier III, =
France). Proposals (a title, a summary and a small bio) should be sent =
to or before October 30 =
2005. After acceptance of the proposal, the article will be due for the =
end of February 2006. Publication: Autumn 2006.


Sciences, the Empire and the Commonwealth



The Victorian period saw an explosion of new sciences and theories =
seeking to explain the origin and development of the human being. The =
theory of evolution was studied and debated along with what was to =
become known as social darwinism, eugenics, miscegenation, hybridization =
etc. Scientists set out to analyse differences between human beings and =
to codify what was then known as human "races". People, some local like =
Joseph Carey Merrick, others exotic like Saartje Baartman, were =
exhibited for "scientific" purposes in circuses, zoos or during =
conferences. Expeditions were sent to far off lands to find the "missing =
link" and foremost among philosophical preoccupations of the time was =
the question of defining the norm. Some of these theories emerging at =
the time were to echo through the 20th century and lead, among other =
things, to Nazi racial theories and the racial justification of =
apartheid. Later, in Canada and Australia, theories on education were to =
encourage the separation of Aborigine and Indian children from their =
parents, producing what is now known as the "lost generation". The aim =
of this special issue is to examine the genesis of such theories, the =
rhetoric brought into play to justify them, and ways in which people =
reacted to them. The geographical area for the present issue is Great =
Britain, the Empire and the Commonwealth. The perspective used may be =
historical or literary. Articles may be in English or in French.

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