UPDATE: The Work of Paul Bowles (12/21/05; collection)

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Points of Darkness: Paul Bowles Reconsidered in the Post September 11th =
Although he was and is an important figure in twentieth century American =
literature, Paul Bowles is still relatively underappreciated in the =
United States. Gore Vidal has said that Bowles "writes as if Moby-Dick =
had never been written." Yet, his work remains conspicuously absent =
from college syllabi. This volume of essays aims to reconsider the work =
of Paul Bowles in the context of the American literary tradition and in =
the age of terror. Papers on any aspect of his work are welcome, but I =
am most interested in papers that examine his musical compositions as =
well as his literary efforts. Moreover, I am especially searching for =
articles that will explore the fiction and translations of Bowles in =
relation to the "global war on terror." Now seems to be an especially =
ripe time to investigate these facets of the Bowles canon. =20
Send 500 word abstracts or completed articles by December 21, 2005 to =
a.martino_at_snhu.edu or by snail mail to:
Dr. Andrew Martino
Assistant Professor of English
Department of English Language & Literature
Southern New Hampshire University
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