CFP: Spaces of War: France and the Francophone World (2/15/06; 10/26/06-10/28/06)

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Daniel Brewer
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"Spaces of War: France and the Francophone World"
October 26-28, 2006
University of Minnesota (Minneapolis)
Organized by the Departments of History and French & Italian

Wars have marked the history, thought, and culture of France, wars that
extend well beyond the geo-political boundaries of this European nation.
  The aim of this conference is not so much to recount the story of
these wars once again, but rather to reflect critically upon their
effects. The conference title, "Spaces of War," is meant to suggest
that these effects are both local and far-flung. The spaces the
conference will investigate can be thought of as symbolic and discursive
as well as geographical – "theaters of war" in which cataclysmic events
are made visible and can be seen to raise issues that are political,
social, ethical, and esthetic.

The conference is designed to be an encounter between and across
disciplines. Proposals are invited from individuals working in such
areas as history, literary and cultural studies, film or art history,
political theory, human geography, and philosophy. Possible topics to
be treated could include:

* the State and theories of sovereignty
* legacies of war
* war and the military
* medicine
* gender and the gendering of war
* terrorism and war
* the justice/injustice of war
* rites and rituals
* trauma
* commemoration
* war and race / class / gender
* borders and boundaries
* images of war – documents, documentaries, the archive
* writing/filming/staging war
* etc.

A 300-word summary of the conference paper proposed must be submitted by
February 15, 2006. The summary should be submitted electronically
either in the body of an email or as a MS Word or PDF attachment to
"Spaces of War" All presentations will be considered for
publication in an edited volume of essays.

For further information, please contact Patricia Lorcin or Daniel
Brewer, at

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