CFP: When Genres Collide: Science Fiction Research Association 2006 (4/15/06; 6/22/06-6/25/06)

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Science Fiction Research Association 2006
37th Annual Conference: When Genres Collide

June 22-25, 2006
Crowne Plaza Hotel
White Plains, NY

Norman Spinrad: Guest of Honor
Other guests include: Nancy Kress, Nalo Hopkinson, R. Garcia y Robertson,
William Sleator, Joan Slonczewski (Distinguished Member Participant), and
Michael Whelan (Special Guest Artist)

Oscar De Los Santos and Tom Morrissey, Co-Conference Chairs, Co-Panels Chairs

150- 200-word essay (or panel) proposals to:

Deadline for proposals: April 15, 2006. Proposals postmarked or e-mailed
after April 15 will be considered only if the program is not yet full.

Readers of science fiction are well aware of the intense cross-pollination
of SF and other genres. Science fiction has frequently dovetailed with
fantasy and dark fantasy. Even in hard SF, readers often encounter
variations of "ghosts" and "gods" in the stories. With the ever-evolving
cyberpunk movement, the rise of slipstream fiction and mysteries that hover
on the cusp of mainstream even as they move into cyberpunkish territory,
the boundaries between science fiction and related genres seem to be
increasingly blurred.

With this in mind, the theme of SFRA 2006 is "When Genres Collide." Papers
on books that challenge traditional interpretations of science fiction are
encouraged. We also welcome essays that reinforce the distinctive nature
of science fiction, especially the interplay between science fiction and
the natural, physical and social sciences (cloning, global warming,
resource management, gender, race and species relations, for
example). Other possible topics might include authors who have often
burred boundaries in their stories (think of Norman Spinrad, Harlan
Ellison, Ursula K. Le Guin, and Bruce Sterling, for example), fresh
interpretations of classic writers (Arthur C. Clarke and Robert A.
Heinlein, for instance, in spite of their hard SF roots), and writers that
move between science fiction and fantasy (Nancy Kress, Nalo Hopkinson, R.
Garcia y Robertson, Ray Bradbury, Anne McCaffrey, Octavia Butler, Connie
Willis, Brian W. Aldiss, and others).

Further, we invite papers on the growing YA SF offerings. SF has long
appealed to young people's sense of adventure. Many adult SF fans
discovered the genre via Heinlein or Andre Norton. Contemporary writers
are now reaching techno-savvy generation raised on a steady diet of global
crises. William Sleator, M. T. Anderson, Garth Nix, Isobelle Carmody, Neal
Shusterman and others have successfully jumped generic boundaries while
never losing sight of young people's fascination with whimsy and horror.

Papers that address the conference theme and works of the guest authors
will be considered for inclusion in a volume titled When Genres
Collide: SFRA 2006, to be published within a year of the conference by
Fine Tooth Press.

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