CFP: Fear and Terror (grad) (1/6/06; e-journal issue)

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Joe Hughes
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Forum: The University of Edinburgh Postgraduate Journal of the Arts.

Call for Papers (Spring 2006)

The Spring edition of Forum addresses the interrelated concepts of Terror and
Fear and aims to explore the various ways in which these ideas are addressed
within philosophy, art, music, literature and film. Within our contemporary
society terror and fear have adopted a new relevancy and, as the arts are
direct commentators on the prevalent attitudes of the era, Forum's objective is
to discover the way in which the arts have confronted terror and fear both
within our time and in previous ages. How are these themes approached and
navigated by different media within the arts and humanities? How do these
mediums respond to or present notions of fear and terror? How do these
concepts interact with either humanity in general or, more specifically with
the related concerns of politics, history and power? How does terror/fear
influence the construction of the subject or interact with notions of
nationhood and community? Can the critic discern a dialogue between terror and
fear, and ethnicity, nationality, gender or sexuality within the artistic

Possible areas for discussion are:

Anti-Utopian art/literature
Dystopian art/literature
Cultural Authority
Construction of the Subject
Cultural Boundaries/ Constructed Boundaries
National Bodies/ Civic Bodies/ Slave Bodies
Presentations of the 'horrific'
Presentations of war
The sublime

These are guidelines rather than limitations.
The deadline for article submission is 6th January 2006. Send submissions to

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