CFP: Non-fiction Travel Literature from the Americas, Europe and China (China) (1/30/06; 6/12/06-6/16/06)

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Call for Papers

“IV International and Interdisciplinary Conference Alexander von
Humboldt and Zheng He, 2006”

“Travel Literature and from the Americas, Europe and China from all

2006 年第四届美洲,欧洲, 中国旅游, 探险文献国际大会

纪念亚利山大.冯. 洪堡, éƒ'å'ŒæŽ¢é™©å…ˆé©±

June 12-16, 2006

in Xi’an China

International and Interdisciplinary Conference: Non-Fiction* Travel
Literature by travelers to and from the Americas, Europe and Asia, in
homage to the distinguished traveler to the Americas Alexander von
Humboldt and the remarkable Chinese explorer Zheng He at the Xi’an
International Studies University in China.. The Conference is
sponsored by Xi’an International Studies University, China [The
Institute of Human Geography], and Humboldt State University, USA.
[The Department of World Languages and Cultures].

The Conference will take place June 12 - 16, 2006, and will be held
at the Xi’an International Studies University at 437 South Changan
Road, Xi’an, People’s Republic of China.

*(Non-Fiction excludes novel, short story, poetry and theater)

Papers: Topics (open to suggestions)

Academic Travel

Alexander von Humboldt

Anthropology, Archeology

Artists and Travel Writings

Border Travel

Chronicles of Discovery and Conquest


Ecology and Travel

Ethnography, History


Graphic Representation of the Trip (Photography and Painting)


Genre and Canon

Geology, Geography




Marco Polo

Missionary Travel

The Construction of “the Other”

Theoretical Approaches

Travel Chronicles

Travel and Globalization

Travel and Journalism

Travel and Translation

Popular Culture on Travels

Representation of Indigenous Cultures in Travel Writings


Zheng He

Special Session: Present Day Writers of Travel Literature: this
session will be reserved for travel authors who wish to present their
own travel writing.

Interested specialists, professionals, and graduate students in the
field of Travel Literature are invited to send and abstract, either
for an individual presentation or for a panel.

•The abstracts can be presented in English, Spanish or Chinese in a
maximum of 250 words.

•Reading of the papers should not exceed 20 minutes (8 pages doubled
spaced, 2,000 words approximately).

•Submit personal data, academic institution, telephone and e-mail
with the abstract.

•Panel chairs must send the abstracts of all participants.

Note: The works selected by the Executive Committee of the Conference
will be published.

Abstracts must be received by January 30, 2006.

Email abstract to:

Lic. Elizabeth Pimentel

Executive Director

Notification of acceptance or rejection will be sent by February 15,

Only one presentation per participant will be allowed.

Tours to historical sites will be organized. An optional post-
conference activity will also be available:

        1) A trip for 6 days to Tibet.

2) A trip for 6 days to The Silk Road.

There will be special rates and lodging prices:

Information on hotels and transportation to Xi’an will be available

Registration fees:

US $150 for USA, Canadian and European participants.

US $100 for Latin American participants and others.

Deadline to pay registration fee: March 1, 2006.

Dr. Lilianet Brintrup, President
Mtra. Luz Fernández de Alba, Vice President
Dept. World Languages & Cultures Universidad
Autónoma Nacional
Humboldt State
University de
México, México D.F.
Arcata, California, USA 95521 E-
Mr. Wang, Xingzhong, Vice President
Director, Institute of Human Geography
Xi'an International Studies University
437 South Chang'an Rd
Xian, Peoples Republic of China
Postal Code: 710061

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