CFP: History and Memory in Cinema (11/14/05; anthology)

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Christina Lee


History and Memory in Cinema (anthology)

Edited by Christina Lee

We are soliciting contributions for an anthology which will address the ways in
which history and memory have been (re)presented and reconstructed in cinema –
encompassing both fictional and non-fictional – narratives. The book will
explore how binaries between fact and fiction, truth and fantasy, and the
public and the private have become blurred.

The purpose of the book is neither to discredit 'authorised histories' or
champion private recollections as the definitive missing links in the dominant
narratives of our times. The book is committed to generating critical dialogue
as to how actual events, myths and memories are refracted through the cinematic
lens; altering the meaning and the manner in which accounts are recorded,
recalled and understood. The individual chapters not only look at the obvious
landmarks in the linear chronology of official histories, but also mine the
gaps in time that separate them where private accounts and imagined realities
are to be located.

In a society that is increasingly turning to the nostalgic past for reassurance
of an idealist future, this book bridges the temporal leap by being anchored to
the present. Representations of the past and projections of the future do not
simply comment upon romantic reminiscences of yesterday and grand visions of
tomorrow. They are equally invested in the ideologies and discursive
frameworks that shape the Here and Now.

The anthology is an interdisciplinary project drawing from Cultural and Cinema
Studies. It will broach a diversity of genres inclusive of documentaries,
historical recreations of events and time travel films.

Some possible areas of research:

* the politics of memory and nostalgia in cinema

* the cinematic aesthetics of memory

* capturing the past, present and future in fictional narrative

* time travel films and reconfiguring time, space and experience

* (re)presenting the past and present in documentary, docudramas & historical

* creating new historical 'truths' and realities

* nationalist myths and narratives

* ideological fantasies

* truth, lies and videotape

* trauma film

* creating new cultural geographies

Submissions (abstracts of 250-300 words) must be sent by email to the editor
before 14 November, 2005. This should include a short bio of the author that
includes recent publications.

Contributors, please address all inquiries and proposals to:

Christina Lee

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