CFP: The Documentary Tradition (8/15/06; 11/8/06-11/12/06)

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Cynthia Miller

                The Film and History League
                November 8-12, 2006
                Dolce Conference Center
                Dallas, Texas
                     How do motion pictures represnt "the real," "the actual," "the true"? For over a century, documentary films, newsreels, and other non-fiction broadcast media have attempted to portray the "reel" truth -- to educate, inform, and perhaps, entertain. As historical moments unfold and media technologies evolve, the questions of "whose truth," "which truth," and "how much truth," become even more complex. "The Documentary Tradition" encourages exploration of these and other facets of documentary films and the individuals who create them, as they attempt to reflect and influence history.
                     Possible topics include, but are not limited to:
                     * Documentaries.
                     * Archival films
                     * Newsreels
                     * "Reality" programming
                     * Cinema verite
                     * Mockumentaries
                     * Public service film and video
                     * Historical films
                     * Ethnographic film and visual sociology
                     * Educational films
                     * Documentary schools and theories
                     * Documentaries and digital culture
                     * Travelogues, travel films, nature films

                     Abstracts should be submitted to the appropriate Area Chair by 8/15/06. For an evolving list of Area Chairs, or for further information and updates, please visit We are still in search of Area Chairs. (See web site for categories.)
                     Peter C. Rollins
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