UPDATE: Insecurity, Undergraduate/Graduate Cultural Studies Conference (grad & undergrad) (12/1/05; 2/10/06-2/11/06)

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Cultural Studies
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Cultural Studies in an Age of (In)security

3rd Annual Emporia State University Student Literary and Cultural Studies Conference
February 10-11, 2006
Emporia Kansas

Conference Description:
The 3rd Annual Emporia State University Student Literary and Cultural Studies Conference will seek to examine the political, cultural, and psychological (clinical) discourses on issues of security and insecurity.
In his 1977-1978 course published under the title Sécurité, Territoire, Population, Michel Foucault asks whether there is a "society of security" in which the "general economy of power" is dominated by technologies of security. Foucault's inquiry seeks to understand whether it is possible to trace the genealogical emergence of what he calls "technologies of security." Today the question of security, in the form of national security, has again become a central discursive order. The goal of this conference is to provide an environment for a polyvalent interrogation into the array of discourses that enunciate security and insecurity in all of its cultural representations--literary texts, cinematic artifacts, artistic productions, et cetera--as well as discourses on their histories and genealogies.
In an effort to achieve inclusion, this conference is open to both undergraduate and graduate students, and all submissions germane to cultural and literary studies are welcome. However, the conference organizers are most interested in receiving proposals that deal with issues of security, insecurity, and the state of emergency. Different genres, approaches, disciplines, and historical locations are encouraged. Some possible areas of investigation/critical orientations include globalization, postcolonial studies, analysis of social movements, sex/gender studies, international relations, psychoanalytic criticism, nationalist, transnational and postnational studies, communications and media theory, and immigration politics.

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Susan Koshy, Professor of English and Asian American Studies University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Send 200-300 word abstracts to cultstudies_at_emporia.edu or
Taylor Hammer
Department of English
Campus Box 4019
Emporia State University
1200 Commercial Street
Emporia KS 66801-5087

Deadline for submissions: December 1, 2005

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