CFP: Revolution and Its Others in East Asia (11/30/05; ACLA, 3/23/06-3/26/06)

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We are now inviting papers (15-20 minutes reading time) on the topic of
"Revolution and Its Others in East Asia", to be presented at the 2006 ACLA

In the turbulent 20th century, most of East Asian countries have been
radically changed or affected by a series of revolutions: nationalist
revolutions for independence, "proletariat" revolutions of class struggle,
and various types of cultural, social, and artistic revolutions that aim
to modernize social customs, arts and languages. "Revolution" was once
such a popular concept that different classes, social movements, interest
groups, parties, schools, etc. all competed with each other for the title
of "revolutionary." Revolution hence becomes an open field where different
discourses struggle with each other, and it finds others not only among
self-conscious conservatives, but also "revolutionaries" themselves.

This session aims to discuss the influence of revolution in East Asian
countries — both past and present. Possible topics are, but not limited
What are the different interpretations of "revolution"?
What are the permutations of the concept of revolution in today's world?
--To what ends is the term revolution used/misused?
--How do revolutionary discourses (the democratic idea of the
Enlightenment, the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, etc.) travel
to East Asia and among Asian countries? How do the local people receive
and revise these discourses?
--How do revolutionary theories interpret the nature and function of art?
How does revolution affect the production, circulation and consumption of
artistic works? How is revolution itself presented in art?

Papers may deal with the history and culture of a single nation, or engage
in cross-Asian or Asian-Western perspectives.

Please send 250 word abstract and a short CV by 11/30/05 to Anne Xu at, or Xin Ning at

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