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Gloria MT Emezue
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Final deadline for submission of papers for the 2006 edition of New Nigerian Poetry Journal (NNP) has been reviewed to January 2006 to enable contributors who have recently been sent the E-books of featured poets to complete their reviews.

Current E-copies available on request include the poetry of:

CHIN CE: Full Moon, An African Eclipse and other Poems;

OSSIE ENEKWE: Broken Pots, Marching to Kilimanjaro and other Poems,

PETER ONWUDINJO: Women of Biafra and other Poems;

TOYIN ADEWALE: Naked Testimonies,

Also note the change in our website address which now reads www.africaresearch.info as visitors using the old site will not be directed to the new site address.

Guests for Literary Chat Forum:

Our Literary Chat Forum for exchange of views and opinions on issues in poetry will host Mark L Lilleleht and A.S.Perkins. Other writers, poets and reviewers interested in joining the chat forum should contact the editor gmtemezue_at_yahoo.com or write to ircalc_at_africaresearch.info

 Suggested areas of Study include (but not entirely restricted to) the following:

A. Criticism of Nigerian, and African, Poetry; Nigerian Poetry: Early and Contemporary.

Theoretical Standards for Criticism of Nigerian poetry; Critical Theories for Nigerian Poetry; Post colonial and Post Modernist Tendencies in New Nigerian poetry.

B. Eco-Criticism of Poetry in Nigeria: Investigating the new poetry preoccupied with space, environment and natural conditions (as in the poems of Nnimo Bassey, Niyi Osundare, the war poems of Onwudinjo, Enekwe, and the celebrative nature dominant poems of Chin Ce, etc.

C. Gender Issues in Nigerian Poetry: Recent Nigerian female poets and their impact in the development of the genre; Gender biases and expressions in the language/ imagery of Nigerian female poets.

D. Nigerian War Poetry: Echoes of the trauma of the Nigeria-Biafra war in a brand of lyrical poetry in the poems of Obiora Udechukwu, Peter Onwudinjo and Ossie Enekwe; War and Strife and their impact on society; Cultural and value shifts in the new Poetry from the Biafran question.

E. Children's Poetry Focus on the increasing divide between oral poems for children in the nursery schools and written poems (in major languages) as an issue of critical attention; Analysis of poetry for the younger generation as expressed in Ude's acoustic devices, Ossie Enekwe's experimental rhythms in Gentle Birds and Anezi Okoro's Songs for Schools.

F. Oral Poetry and Poems of Indigenous Expressions: Oral Tradition in Nigerian Poetry: Papers should explore the oral nature of New Nigerian poetry and the eclectics of Emerging Voices.

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