CFP: Animals and Globalization (11/30/05; ACLA, 3/23/06-3/26/06)

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neel ahuja
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"Animals and Globalization"
Seminar at the American Comparative Literature Association 2006
March 23-26, 2006
Princeton, NJ
Proposals due November 30, 2005
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This seminar will consider the changing roles of nonhuman
animals as laborers, companions, commodities, and cultural
figures in current processes of globalization. Animals and
products produced from and by animal bodies are increasingly
circulated by transnational production networks, impacting
practices of human nutrition, scientific experimentation,
agriculture, industrial production, and animal domestication
worldwide. And as globalization also transforms the lived spaces
of human and nonhuman life, animals have come to serve as
powerful symbols in the transnational politics of culture:
companion animals, laboring animals, and hunted animals are used
to depict the cosmopolitanism and inequalities (economic,
racial, etc.) enabled by the globalization of labor,
information, and commerce.

Proposals which use animals to creatively integrate
posthumanist, Marxist, postcolonial, transnational, and/or
poststructuralist theoretical perspectives are especially
welcome. Please submit 250 word abstracts through the ACLA
conference website. The Paper Proposal form is at and proposals
are due November 30, 2005. Make sure to select "Animals and
Globalization" as the seminar on the form. Questions? Email Neel
Ahuja at

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