CFP: Passing As Feminist (grad) (12/5/05; 2/17/06-12/18/06)

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CFP: Passing As Feminist (grad)(12/5/05; 2/17/06-12/18/06)

English Graduate Student Conference
The University of Tulsa
"Passing and Questions of Legitimacy"
Call for papers for panel "Passing As Feminist"

Many literary, cinematic, and musical works "pass," or are widely received as, proto-feminist. These works are culturally and/or academically viewed as supporting a progressive feminine portrayal and promoting the fundamentals of women's equality. While possessing seemingly straightforward parameters, declaring a piece "feminist," and having it ultimately trumpet the message it presumes, is not so simple. Many pieces "pass" as feminist that may, paradoxically, subvert feminism's aim. Because of their association with power and agency, female action heros' highly sexualized and exaggerated appearances are often ignored or interestingly incorporated into the apparatus that makes them "feminist." Rap culture's adoption of previously deemed derogatory terms are now declarations of equality as "bitch" becomes accepted in the African-American lexicon. Kate Chopin's protagonist in The Awakening achieves emancipation from patriarchy's oppressive sexual/social constraints through suic
 ide. This panel seeks papers that address works, characters, images, scenes, etc. that "pass" as feminist yet possess qualities subversive to that title. As well, the panel also seeks submissions that interrogate a work's reception as anti-feminist when including feminist properties. Larger questions might include: What does it take for a work to "pass" as authentically feminist or anti-feminist? Can a work be both simultaneously? Send contributions to:

We are looking for submissions from graduate students and advanced undergraduate students. Please e-mail 300-500 word abstracts, or panel proposals to Tracy Wendt Lemaster at by December 5th, 2005. The conference will take place at the University of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK on Feb. 17th and 18th, 2006.

Tracy Wendt Lemaster
Editorial Assistant for Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature
Writing Center Director
Instructor of English
University of Tulsa
600 South College Ave.
Tulsa, Ok. 74133

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